Chris Brown Drops New Video Fine China 

Martial arts choreography, soulful beats & CHRIS BROWN…could there be anything better? Tune in to the exclusive WORLDWIDE PREMIERE of Chris’ “Fine China” music video happening right now 

D&D Clothing And Screen Printing 

Thier  Mission
To make and distribute the finest products to the world so that every individual can own a piece of our creativity, expressions and lifestyle; representing and inspiring people to Do Everything Different.

Staying True
D&D prides itself on being a brand that everyone can relate to and feel a part of when they wear it. Not only does it inspire each generation to push past traditions and take risks, it also bring the past into the future through new and bold ideas; using art, graphics and media to tell a story thus linking the past and future together. By combining everyday life experiences and always staying true to yourself D&D dares to push forward, dares you to be bold and ultimately: Dares you to be different.
My Thoughts
D&D is fresh new and Different. It catches the Eye. One of my personal favorite new Designs In fashion that has a meaning behind every peice. They also offer printing services so it Anyone is Interested in good quality screen printing please feel Free to click the link below and holla at them and Tell T.O.N.E sent you,

Romee Drops Red Light Special Mixtape 

​Check Out DMVs Own RnB Sensation ROMEE as he drops is hot new Mixtape Red Light Special Hosted by Dj Schemes. Something really worth taking a look at.